Hotel Balestri in Florence overlooking the Arno River

Outside the Uffizi - Mimes dressed like statues

David outside of Uffizi

Local Artist - click for art work near the Ponte Vecchio

Farewell Dinner
David, Lisa, Rachel, Me, Laura, Standing- Raymond, Merle, David, Maureen, Beth, Sue, and Mariangela

Patty took a picture of me making room for all my purchases - "Let's see if I throw away this, and give away that..."

Alessandro, Carlo, Jody and Mariangela our fearless leader and Jody their mascot!

Alessandro, Erica, Cynthia and Sam

Farewell breakfast - Maureen, Patty, David, Eric and Rachel (Melinda standing)

Rachel and Merle - mother and daughter or sisters - only their hair dresser knows for sure!

Naimish, David, Melinda and Julie

Me at Salvatore Ferragamo Shoe Museum

See Maureen - Madonna is everywhere even at the Ferragamo Museum

Dali Exhibit

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